Characteristics of Traditional Music Arts
Characteristics of Traditional Music Arts

The hallmark of traditional musical arts, of course, is that there is a difference between traditional music and other types of music.

The following are the characteristics of traditional music:

Learned Orally

Traditional music is a wealth/heritage from generation to generation.

The learning process is not easy and not short, each region has its own culture and must do it continuously or continuously depending on the region.

No Notation

We must acknowledge the greatness of ancient people who can still maintain traditional arts without notes which should be able to support learning from one generation to another.

Then, we must fix information about the history or art of traditional music so that later on anyone (regardless of where they come from) can participate in preserving it.


Almost all traditional musical arts that exist today have functions that are not too serious or formal, although there is some traditional music for religious activities of a tribe.

However, most of them are informal because they are usually in areas that produce distinctive music for entertainment or works of art.

The Players Are Not Specialized

Players or people who play traditional music are usually people who come from the area of ‚Äč‚Äčorigin of the traditional music, although it is possible that other people can play it too.

And in general, these people do not only learn one type of musical instrument but can more. So many of them are able to play a variety of musical instruments. For example, a sinden usually has other skills besides singing, namely playing gamelan, etc.

Regional Language Song Lyrics

Like Syiar, Javanese songs have melodious and smooth music like the characters of most Javanese people. In other words, it really gives a regional feel.

Traditional music generally uses the language of their respective regions.

More Involving Regional Musical Instruments

In general, the songs are traditional musical arts and play them with traditional musical instruments from the area.

Like only Sundanese music where the singer brings the song ‘bubuy Bulan’ which will usually be accompanied by Sundanese musical instruments such as karinding, gamelan, etc. Likewise with other folk songs.

Music is part of the culture of society

Traditional music is really a depiction of the culture or character of a region. This allows anyone who listens to traditional music to guess where the traditional music is from. This article gives you information about travel Kelilingkota