5 Indonesian Bassists With Rickenbacker Bass
5 Indonesian Bassists With Rickenbacker Bass

Rickenbacker is a California American string instrument manufacturer that has been producing instruments since 1932. It is also popular in the hands of metalheads such as Cliff Burton from Metallica.

Rickenbacker 4000’s bass is popular in rock and metal music. The bass is very low vintage and very distinctive sound. Indonesian bassists dare to be different and also dare to spend quite a bit of money for this legendary Rickenbacker bass (which is also expensive).

Emil Hussein (Ex-Naive)

We can also see the appearance of this bass clearly on the cover of Naif’s album, The Best of which was released in 2014, meaning that Emil has been using this vintage bass and vintage sound for approximately five years.

John Paul Paton (Rocket Pilot Group)

The bassist and vocalist of the Rocket Flying Group, John Paul Paton alias Coki also looks very identical to this Rickenbacker 4000 series bass. To add the impression of a flamboyant look, Coki usually uses a leopard motif bass strap.

Sammy (Grin)

Of course, the influence of the idol, Lemmy Kilmster from Motörhead is the reason for Sammy, the bassist for this grin. But besides that, another reason is the sound factor as he once expressed via his Twitter account, “Use Rickenbacker bass because I’m curious to pursue vintage characters but with a heavy sound. #FANG”

Rekti (Mooner)

The SIGIT Rekti Yoewoeno also chose a bass in the form of a Rickenbacker model when performing with his stoner rock unit side project, Mooner.

Uci (Cubic)

Uci is one of the first musicians to use the Rickenbacker bass, and the first female bassist in Indonesia to use this uniquely shaped bass while playing with her band Kubik in the late 90s. Reportedly, this bass then after changing hands here and there, finally used by Coki “Roket Flying Group”.

Honorable Mention

We know why this list is only made of 5 when we are sure there are many bassists out there who use the Rickenbacker as a weapon of war on stage. Here are two of them

Aditya Bagja Mulyana (THE SIGIT)

Before Adit finally brought in Fender today, but in the past, bassist The SIGIT was one of the first to appear fierce and flashy with his Rickenbacker 4003 series.

Anissa Yasmin (Armor)

This is the next female bassist to use the bass with the Rickenbacker model. The band’s female bassist, Zirah, carries the bass on stage or on her Instagram account with the bass model 4001.

Akbar Rumandung

Last on the list of honorable mentions, this bassist from the indie rock unit Grrrl Gang from Yogyakarta is very low-profile, even though he carries the fiercest bass. Please click this site if you are looking for information about accessories karendiamonddesigns