4 Jobs for those who love music
4 Jobs for those who love music

JOBS- To jump directly into the world of music, one does not only have to be a musician. Because out there it turns out that there are several types of work for you music lovers and lovers. Maybe for you, this type of work for music lovers is still foreign, but apparently, it really exists! For those of you who are music lovers and want to dive into the field of music, here are a number of types of jobs related to the world of music.

Recording engineers

Recording engineers are responsible for recording, editing, and mixing sounds for artists or music companies. They manage the artistic and technical aspects of a recording session. They usually work with music producers, film sound editors, music composers, or song arrangers. This profession may also work for a television production company or be required to organize concerts.

Music conductor

Surely you are familiar with this one jobs. Yes, a music conductor is a person who is responsible for leading an orchestra or choir. They will select and arrange the music for their players. In addition, they are also the ones who usually lead rehearsals and performances. Music conductors typically lead school bands, church choirs, youth orchestras, and performance companies. Some even work for television or radio companies.

Music teacher

If you are an expert in playing certain musical instruments and have the ability to teach, there is nothing wrong with applying or working as a music teacher. You can become a music teacher for schools, institutions, or a freelancer teacher. As a music teacher, you can share your skills with students who tend to like and have a talent for music. This is a great way to form a community and help your students develop their talents and teach them the basics of music.

Music journalist

If you prefer work that is behind the scenes, then music journalism could be the answer. Writing for music magazines, such as Rolling Stone or Billboard, or covering concerts are some of the duties of a music journalist. Music journalists can also write artist profiles or review new albums. Even if you freelance or work for local media and produce content about local music, your writing can influence many readers to become more involved in music.

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