You may often see guitars on city buses, keyboards on single organ shows, or flutes and drums at dangdut parties and there are still many other musical instruments that are familiar in your eyes. But not with this one, here are the 10 most famous musical instruments in the world that are difficult for you to meet at events like the above.

1. Shamisen

This Japanese musical instrument has three strings and is picked using bachi. High-quality shamisen has a skin coating that is obtained from the stomach of an unmarried female cat. As for the usual quality, the upholstery is made from the skin of a dog’s back.

2. Angklung

This unique musical instrument originating from the Sundanese community, Indonesia is made of a bamboo arrangement which produces a double tone. It is thought to have existed from the 12th to 16th centuries. Angklung is a musical instrument used as an encouragement of war by the Sunda kingdom in that century. And because of its function, angklung games are often used during the Dutch colonial period. The Dutch then banned angklung games in the community until they affected the decline in angklung popularity in the community.

3. Kalimba

Kalimba or also called a thumb piano (a thumb piano) is a modern percussion type musical instrument of African traditional musical instruments, mbira.

4. The Sea Organ

This is a giant musical instrument that sounds from the sea breeze. Built on the beach in Zadar, the Croatian private area. The width of the instrument is 70 meters. Inside, there are 35 pipe structures planted as sound producers. Created by Nikola Basic, winner of an award in architecture in 2005.

5. Guitar Harp

This tool, although rarely found, has actually been found since 2000 years ago. A combination of acoustic guitar and harp.

6. Alphorn

Not according to its name, this giant trumpet is made of wood, not horns. Besides what animals have this big horn.

7. Uilleann Pipes

This one is a traditional Irish musical instrument. This tool is not played by blow, but by pressing a special bag to blow air into the pipe.

8. Ocarina

It is said that it was discovered 12,000 years ago. Ocarina is a wind instrument with a distinctive, classic and charismatic sound. from China. At first, this object can only play a little tone so it is labeled as a special musical instrument for children. Until finally perfected in Europe in the mid-19th century.

9. Aeolian Wind Harp

This is the harp played by the wind. The shape also varies. Intrigued by his voice? Just listen to the video below.

10. Sasando Rote

The typical musical instrument from Rote in NTT, Indonesia. Shaped like a very unique circular harp. This musical instrument player can be said to be very rare in Indonesia itself.