Workout: The bad effects of too much fitness

Workout- Sport is one of the activities that can make the body fitter. Not only that, but the workout is also widely done to lose weight. But sometimes, because of the enthusiasm to exercise in the gym, for example, someone pushes himself too much so that it actually harms the body.

It’s the same with lack of exercise, too much exercise, especially strenuous exercise, is not good for the body. Some of the following bad effects can occur if you exercise excessively, as compiled by

Easier to get injured

When people exercise too much, their bodies are more prone to injury. One of the signs is when the muscles feel sore. When you exercise too much, the ligaments become tense, making you more prone to fractures as well. Your body requires relaxation; excessive pressure can potentially destroy body’s cells.

Lack of nutrition

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Exercising excessively can reduce muscle mass and make the body less nutritious. You force the body to continue to process nutrients by constantly exercising. In the end, this will affect the health of your body as a whole.

Decreased immune system

Exercise can indeed help strengthen the immune system. But if you exercise too much, the opposite happens. Your immune system will be weak due to a tired body. Finally, the immune system is not efficient enough to kill bacteria or prevent infection.

Sleep problems

Excessive exercise makes the body feel tired and powerless. As a result, the body becomes difficult to calm down. Your whole body will be sore from the exercise too hard so you may even have trouble getting a good night’s sleep.

Eating disorders

Obsession with exercising to lose weight can lead to eating disorders such as bulimia or anorexia. Some of the causes of bulimia and other eating disorders are the result of excessive exercise.

Disrupt the menstrual cycle

This one applies to women. Excessive exercise can also cause irregular menstrual cycles. If it is too severe, the menstrual cycle may even stop.

Those are some of the bad effects if you exercise too much. Do moderate exercise to maintain fitness and weight, but don’t overdo it.