National songs: 4 Mandatory National Songs

National songs- The National Compulsory Anthem of Indonesia is the national anthem that is recognized by the state as a national anthem.

As a big nation, of course, we, the Indonesian people, have obligatory national songs that have existed since the time of the movement.

The purpose and objective of the creation of the national obligatory anthem is one part of the elements of the doctrinal effort and also the formation of the basic character in the next generation of the nation so that it continues to emerge to always defend, love, and defend the Indonesian homeland.

In the Flag Ceremony, there is an element where all the ceremony participants sing the National Compulsory Anthem.

The following are the National Compulsory Songs that are mandatory in the commemoration ceremony of Heroes’ Day on November 10:

Falling Flowers – Ismail Marzuki

The song “Autumn Bunga” is one of the national obligatory songs to honor Indonesian heroes who have died on the battlefield. The poet Ismail Marzuki has composed this song

A moment of silence – T. Prawit

The Song of Silence Cipta is one of the national mandatory songs.

This song is usually sung during the flag ceremony to honor the Day of Heroes who perished fighting for Indonesian independence.

The meaning of this song is to remember, honor and pray.

Never Back Down – Titiek Puspa

In 1963, she composed the song when she saw the sacrifice of a wife whose husband served in the struggle for the liberation of Irian Jaya.

On the Hero – C. Simanjuntak and Usmar Ismail

Pada Pahlawan is one of the national songs by C. Simanjuntak and Usmar Ismail

Song To Heroes to appreciate the services of heroes and gratitude