Have you ever asked who is the face behind the sound you hear in the entertainment industry to electronics? You might not know their faces, but you know their voices.

They are voice actors and actresses. They are the ones who shape your childhood. One can play a role as a witch, and I was surprised when my father explained that someone could just fill the voice of almost all characters on the screen. It is they who live the character and form memories in our childhood. For more information please visit: https://www.voquent.com/english/characters/

Sound actors like having magical powers. When you hear them through a machine that is activated by sound at home, the system installed in your car navigation, the cartoon movie that you always watch as a child, or the video game that you have played so far, their voices fill humanity in that experience which mostly comes from their talent talent.

Sound actors who are well-known in their industries may be paid as high as action movie stars, but the things they show in the film are more profound. They bridge the connected emotions and bonds between you and a work, or product. So that an interaction is formed with each other.


there are many other sound related jobs out there: TV ads, corporate training videos, public transportation announcement systems, voices on YouTube, audiobooks, podcasts. Even digital voice assistants need humans to voice and supply  all audio in many languages.

Also included in video games have begun to generate profits that rival box office films. That means, as the popularity of anime increases, it means more work for more voice actors.

As the budget increases in a project a work, the technology used in the work becomes more sophisticated and storytelling becomes more complex. There are more requests for voice jobs, they are asked to turn on a character’s features.

This is a big development compared to when the game first began recruiting voice actors. At that time they were only expected to do dozens of screams that burned bodies, moans and other death sounds to describe the sudden death of their characters. About conversations in a game context, and is a great advantage for actors and actresses who voice because their opportunities in this field are getting bigger. For more information visit: