You’ve probably asked yourself that question while scrolling through decor and design ideas: is it safe to buy art online? The answer is that yes; it is safe to buy art online.

As with all things in life – and especially when it comes to spending money it is worth taking a pause to research the artwork, the artist, and the art retailers before clicking to purchase. Reading art stores reviews of customers will help you better understand their products, their sales processes, and the way they value their customers and artists.

A little more time should also be spent on considering the space that you’d like to display the art you’ve bought online. No matter if the artwork is a painting, drawing, landscape, oil piece, photograph, sculpture or another form, take heed to research the seller.

Are you looking to update a room’s decor, revamp your home with art pieces, or specific wall art that captured your eye and heart? From posters to portraits and pictures, you can find artwork at just about any price. Make sure that the artwork isn’t fraudulently being sold on that website or that it might be a forgery.

These are the best and safest websites to shop for art online:

1) Saatchi Art:

One of the biggest online art stores isSaatchi Art with more than 3 million pieces of art available. It is a truly global platform with artists from around the world, making it easier to buy from an artist. You can browse their website through its powerful search filter for curated collections, printed catalogues, trending artists, rising stars, and more to find the art for you.

2) Degree Art:

Perhaps you would like to buy art from rising talent: this is the platform that enables that. Degree Art showcases art for sale from graduate art students, the next wave of artists for our generation. This is not only a great way to support a rising talent, but it is also a good way to buy original art at a low price. This website offers great search filters so you’ll be able to find the right piece of art for your home or office space. Also available are services to help you find art for office interiors; commission art; framing and mounting; art insurance; and delivery and transportation.

3) Artfinder:

Artfinder offers affordable art directly from artists. They present art from 10,000 artists from 108 countries, with more than 15,000 pieces of art available. The website is easy to navigate to find art through search filters by medium, subject, and budget. This includes paintings, prints, photographs, sculptures, drawings and illustrations, digital art, and collages.

4) Counter Editions:

Since 2000, Counter Editions has offered artists and art lovers a platform to buy and sell art pieces. Counter Editions commissions its 70 artists to produce prints and multiples of their artwork for exclusive editions in mediums such as screen printing, photography, etching, fine art lithography, collage, and bronze.